Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Dear Diary,

In this week’s photo challenge, we explore the theme Through. I do have one photo to upload (and even if I don’t really have one, I’ll try to dig up one – even if it’s a glimpse of the faraway past). Here you go:

The streets of Macau through the remains of the cathedral.

I took the following picture back in early March when I traveled down to Hong Kong for a live gig. This is Macau, through the eyes of the remains of the famous St. Paul Cathedral. It takes some kind of courage to climb those steep stairs of steel, but the view that awaits you is really worth it.

We see the influx of tourists making their way into the cathedral, and we see them heading out excitedly. to the other attractions of Macau. I stopped my footsteps to appreciate the distant architectures of the buildings. The modern ones seem to mingle perfectly with ancient traditions. :) Slowly, even the chatterings of the tourists begin to fade away through the window – all that’s left behind would be the peaceful still shot of the scenery.

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

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    • You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by~ glad you loved the pictures! :D

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