Weekly Photo Challenge : Arranged

Dear Diary,

The weekend (to submit an entry for the Photo Challenge) is here! I am always running out of ideas on what to post for my blog – and the Photo Challenge dissolves my writer’s block little by little!

Somehow, my photograph for Arranged was coincidentally taken on the day the new Photo Challenge notification was delivered to my email! :D I have no idea how to fiddle around with indoor settings so that I get a clear picture of the items around me – I am still trying my best to familiarise myself with my own camera. Here goes!

Aren’t these chummy sugar sticks adorable?

This is from a local cafe chain (although I am not too fond of their caffeine creations). My sister was bugging me to take her there for their Dark Devotion, a molten lava chocolate cake. Crisp on the outside, molten and warm on the inside!  Here we are at the table, waiting for the order to arrive. I was getting far too bored – and tada! I started to play around with the little white pot of sugar sticks. It was nice and chummy to see the brown and the white sugar sticks living harmoniously in a tiny pot, that I silently wished the world could be like that too – wouldn’t it be a lot more peaceful that way? :)

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Arranged

  1. I really like the simplicity of this photo! I’m also still learning the ropes of my new digital camera, I’ve been having fun with macro, but haven’t hit the nail on the head with that one yet!

    • Thank you!! :) :) :)
      I love macro shots, unfortunately my camera lens isn’t really a prime one…so pictures do not turn out as good :(
      Familiarization probably requires a lot of practice~ so I guess we have to keep on taking pictures to perfect our skills on it! :D
      Keep up the good work too~ :D

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