Weekly Photo Challenge : Close

Dear Diary,

A Photo Challenge before my Fathers’ Day post, lol. The theme for this week is Close, you may also choose to view the other fantastic submissions at that link! This time, I unleashed a little paparazzi in me and…

“That is why all the girls in town follow you all around. Just like me, they long to be close to you. “

I was just being cheeky that day and I duly credit that to excellent company. P is just pure joy to be with. She was giggling away as I took this very sneak shot of the couple in front of me.

Now now, back to the photograph. The frame was frozen at the moment the girlfriend was tugging at the arm of the boyfriend – I assure you that was merely coincidental. I just coined her brief moment of possessiveness with The Carpenters’s Close To You! I’ve been listening to their songs since I was a child, my parents sing their evergreen songs all the time. I believe the two of them are close enough. :P

In the event you become curious about the dressing, that is pretty much how quite a number of Singaporeans dress in Singapore. We are rather casual, nonchalant and accepting about shorts and slippers as the mainstream style and trust me, donning these two together while strolling across the famous shopping streets is nowhere near embarrassing. It’s almost turning into the trademark style over here in sunny Singapore – perhaps we regard complete comfort as our top priority that’s why – after all, Singapore is relatively warm all year round.

Well, here you go! You get a peek of a normal weeknight in Singapore, and a couple showcasing the world what proximity means to them. :) Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend!

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Close

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  3. Thank you for the fashion insights and I love your photo too. :-) Have a Happy Father’s Day! ;-)

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