Weekly Photo Challenge : Dreaming

Dear Diary,

Well well, Dreaming was a real challenge for me – to show a picture that makes you dream. I dream all the time! I decided to put up this cosily sleeping kitten that I chanced upon while walking down the steps of Jiufen, Taiwan. Jiufen will be my next post on Taiwan!

Dream of a little dream, young cat.

She’s such a beauty! I had not brought my DSLR when I was in Taiwan, partially because there was a lot of rains and I had very strict luggage restrictions – this was taken by an Iphone. I was extremely close to this sleeping cat – so close that I was really afraid that she would wake up and move off. Thank goodness, she allowed me to snap this one beautiful shot.

So that’s it for Dreaming, I hope you’ll dream of a beautiful dream tonight too! :D

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my ears are piqued!

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