Weekly Photo Challenge – Renewal

Renewal, much like pushing the restart button at every beginning of a school semester. I attended the Anime Festival Asia 2012 today, with the hopes of getting San-X merchandises at affordable prices. Well, they were snapped up the moment the doors open.

Never mind about that. Back to Renewal.
Renewal, like restoration or a breath of new life. Renewing something, like to make something new again.

Here’s this week’s photograph, taken at the Anime Festival Asia 2012. It is a badly exposed photograph, showing the back view of a high school student cosplayer heading to school with her backpack.

I’ll give this photograph a renewal by publishing it instead of deleting it. :D

This picture was taken at accidental camera settings. I forgot to tweak back the exposure levels and as such, it became overexposed. With Renewal, I decided to publish this picture and give it a new breath of life instead of pushing the Delete button on my camera. The girl heading to school signifies another Renewal – the beginning of school and the renewal of a brand new day.

Here’s a creative take at Renewal. Two renewals in one single picture. :)

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